There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

By Colin Powell


In 2020, Lebanon faced its hardest economic crisis yet. The banking system disintegrated, the inflation skyrocketed and currency black markets emerged, leaving Lebanese citizens with limited access to USD. This is when Wasilonline saw the light. We created a user-friendly e-commerce marketplace that helps Lebanese expats around the globe, purchase goods and services for their families, friends, and relatives in Lebanon. The platform supports local businesses and offers products with carefully studied and stable prices.

When you buy from Wasilonline you will be:

  • Saving on USD conversion rates
  • Supporting the Lebanese economy
  • Enjoying a local delivery service
  • Avoiding bank transfer charges

If you are a vendor, you can collaborate with Wasilonline to benefit from:

  • Increased market shares and sales revenue
  • International exposure for your brand
  • New customer opportunity


To revive the domestic market by creating a reliable e-commerce platform that encourages expats to purchase what their loved ones need from local Lebanese vendors and suppliers.

With cooperation, dedication, and loyalty we intend to salvage our domestic market and support local vendors, now and in the future.