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Carrot Date Cake

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Moist in texture, thus carrot date cake is a careful mix of dates, walnut and carrot. Recommended serving size: 8-10

Stronger Together

Hand Painted Chocolate Cortina Cake with Topper

Set of Cakes For Him

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Chocolate Cortina Cakes with Name Letters on top Available for : 5 persons

Set Of Three Mini Cakes For Her

Chocolate Cortina Cakes with a Confetti Balloon and Name Letter and Topper

Pink and Blue BirthDay Cake

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Layered Chocolate Cake for a BirthDay Boy and Girl with a Happy Birthday Topper Available for : 20 persons

Sweet Heart Birthday Cake

Fake Bottom and Top Real Chocolate Cake with a Happy Birthday Topper and customized letter inside the Fake Bottom

Mini Oat Date Cake (Gluten-Free)

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This Oat Date Cake is a gluten-free option for our customers which does not contain any added butter or refined

Almond Apricot Pie

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Sliced Roasted Almonds Bring A Nuttiness To Balance Out The Sweetness Of The Apricot Filling In This Fruity Pie.

Lemon Drizzle Cake

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A Fluffy, Moist, And Truly Zesty Lemon Cake.

Banoffee Pie

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Sweet And Sticky Banoffee Pie. Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, And Refined-Sugar Free Option Available.

Nutella Tart

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A Crusty Baked Tart With Irresistible Nutella Filling. Large size , Medium size

Pistachio Nutella Cake Large

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This Vanilla Sponge Cake Is Covered With The Perfect Layer Of Hazelnut Chocolate And Fresh Pistachio Crumbles.

Oat Date Cake (Gluten-Free)

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This Oat Date Cake Is A Gluten-Free Option For Our Customers Which Does Not Contain Any Added Butter Or Refined

Date Cheesecake

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Tamarat’S Signature Cheesecake With A Luscious Middle Eastern Twist Incorporating Dates.

Chocolate Date Salami

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The Well Known Lazy Cake With A Tamarat Twist Infusing Dates And Pistachio Into The Recipe.

Mouhalabieh Lava Cake

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A Traditional Middle Eastern Dessert Reconstructed Into A Lava Cake That’S Topped With Ground And Whole Pistachios.

Pecan Date Pie

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The Addition Of Dates & Coffee In This Pecan Pie Gives The Filling More Body And A Smooth Sweetness.

Almond Date Tart Medium

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Filled With Toasted Almonds And Sweet Dates, This Light Tart Is Absolutely Delicious. Large Size

Orange Cake Large

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A Light And Moist Cake Full Of Texture And Full Of Orange Flavor. Large Size, Small Size

Banana Date Cake

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A Banana Infused Version Of Our Specialty Date Cake. Large Size, SMALL Size