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First Aid Kit

Little ones can learn about empathy, nurturing, and responsibility by pretending to take care of their friends and family with

Barbie Rainbow Hair Style

Barbie’s style is limitless, and she loves trying out different colors and styles to create the perfect look! With Barbie

Lisciani Baby 9 Progressive Puzzles The Sea

The original multi-level puzzle The Sea on the Steps is an unusual puzzle that will keep kids busy for a

Lisciani – Crazy Science Embryonic Monsters

An incredible collection of different and original monsters. In each package an egg with monster inside, incubator and liquid for

Lisciani – Montessori Touch Alphabet

With the special Montessori Box, the child touches the letters of the alphabet and exercises his concentration and tactile memory.The

Carotina Baby Animals Friends

CAROTINA BABY ANIMALS FRIENDSFour animals are standing and on the back there are several friends from the farm, the forest,

Montessori Plus The Tactile Game Of Families

MONTESSORI PLUS MOM AND DADBring each puppy to mom and dadA fun game with lots of happy families! With the

La Joyeuse Ferme

PLAY LEARN THE HAPPY FARMI learn to read by playing! Thanks to the guide that explains the educational path to

Mamans Et Bebes

CAROTINA PLUS MOMS AND BABIESComplete the puzzles and help the babies find their momChildren can have fun recomposing the 16

Lisciani Baby Progressive Puzzle The Farm

With this original game, the child has fun reassembling the 9 progressive puzzles of the farm animals in the special

Pet House Montessori

MONTESSORI PET HOUSEThe Montessori method meets lots of adorable little pets! To learn about and identify pets and lots of

Carotina Baby – Farm

CAROTINA BABY FARMPlastic puzzles and shapesPiece together the giant puzzle and have fun playing with the farm animals! Code: 67848Box

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