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Cucina & Tavola Cake Maker MIGROS

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Brand: Cucina and Tavola Model No: MIGROS Type: Cake Maker

Banana Date Cake

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A Banana Infused Version Of Our Specialty Date Cake. Large Size, SMALL Size

Orange Cake Large

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A Light And Moist Cake Full Of Texture And Full Of Orange Flavor. Large Size, Small Size

Date Cake

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A Humble Date Cake That Is Light And Moist. Large Size, Small Size

Almond Date Tart Medium

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Filled With Toasted Almonds And Sweet Dates, This Light Tart Is Absolutely Delicious. Large Size

Cinnamon Date Cake

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A Heart-Warming Loaf Filled With Walnuts And Spiced With Cinnamon. Large Size

Pecan Date Pie

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The Addition Of Dates & Coffee In This Pecan Pie Gives The Filling More Body And A Smooth Sweetness.

Almond Apricot Pie

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Sliced Roasted Almonds Bring A Nuttiness To Balance Out The Sweetness Of The Apricot Filling In This Fruity Pie.