Ancient Rome Centurions Skull Sculpture Decor Caesar General Lion Roman Army Men Skeleton Head Figurine Collectible

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resin -Rome Centurion Skull


With his detailed helmet, this skull decoration appears in the style of ancient Rome. The Centurion Skull Statue wears a helmet with a red crest running down the back and intricate lion, foliate, and scrollwork designs. The silver- and gold-colored helmet covers the sides of the skull face, leaving the blackened eye sockets and nose cavity unobscured. The skull itself displays a mottled off-white color for an aged appearance. Crafted from hand painted resin, this Roman skull sculpture makes a striking piece to add to the look of your home or office.


Key Features:

Depicts a skull wearing a crested lion helmet

Hand painted in vivid detail

Makes a great piece of decor

Unique collectible or fascinating gift

Size: Length approx. 18.5cm, height approx. 20cm, width approx. 12.5cm


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1 in stock

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