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Teka Maestro Wine Cooler 45 Bottles Black Glass, TEKA-RVI460

Teka Maestro Wine Cooler 45 Bottles Black Glass TEKA-RVI460 Dimensions (HxW): 140x60cm Weight: 3.8kg

Urve Faucet Of Water Dispenser (Available in Blue / Light Blue / Red), UR-3160

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Pls. Faucet Of Water Dispenser Dimensions (HxWxD): 16x7x7cm Weight: 32g

AGI Water Dispenser AG105WD

Brand: AGI Model Number: AG105WD Type: Water Dispenser Color: Black Taps: 3

Toshiba Top Load Water Dispenser, 20L, Storage Cabinet, Stainless Steel Tank, White, RWF-W1766TU(W)

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Water Dispenser Toshiba White China Floor-Stand Visible Top Bottle Power consumption: 660W Dimensions (HxWxD): 100x31x41cm Weight: 54kg

Olimpic Water Dispenser OLW-40WSD

Brand: Olimpic Model Number: OLW-40WSD Type: Water Dispenser Color: White Dimensions: (HxWxD) 97 x 32 x 37 cm Hot/Cold: Hot and Cold installation Warranty: 1 Year Origin: Made

General Water Dispenser YLR56VN50C

Brand: General Model Number: ylr56vn50c Type: Water Dispenser Color: White Hot and Cold Installation Housing Material Cabinet Option

Midea Water Dispenser YL1917SLB

Brand: Midea Model Number: YL1917SLB Type: Water Dispenser Color: White Faucet: 3 Control (Piano Button) Heated Water:  85⁰C Chilled Water ≤ 10⁰C Heating Power: 420W Cooling Power: 120W Dimensions: (HxWxD)

National Star Water Dispenser YLR5L

Brand: National Star Model Number: YLR5L Type: Water Dispenser Color: Grey Heating Power: 420 watt Cooling Power: 500 watt

Monita Water Dispenser YLRPF19WB

Brand: Monita Model Number: YLRPF19WB Type: Water Dispenser with refrigerator Color: Black and White Power: 500 watt Heating Power/ 120 watt Cooling Power Temperature: Hot Water

Automatic Water Pump dispenser Rechargeable 1200 mah

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Automatic Water Pump dispenser Rechargeable 1200 mah

Super LG Water Dispenser SL1100

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Brand: Super LG Model Number: SL1100 Type: Water Dispenser Color: White  Hot/Cold: Hot, Medium and Cold taps Warranty: 1 year