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Innovagoods 2-In-1 Faderm Dermaplaning & Trimmer #V0103235.

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It is an electric razor with a double function, as it trims facial hair and exfoliates dead skin on your

Dr.Schmidt Pro-Wax 100 Hot Wax Heater/Warmer

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• Electric Wax Heater with temperature control. • Used for hair removal nursing, beauty care and maintenance. • Heater for

Dr.Scmidt Depilatory Roller On Wax Heater Roller Waxing Hot Cartridge Hair Removal Warmer

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• Indicator light, refillable, automatic heating, portable and lightweight. • Roll wax on skin without using brush or spatula. Send

Dr.Schmidt Single Base Wax Depilatory Warmer Heater

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1. Material:ABS. material is environmental, safe, odorless, non-toxic and harmless. 2. Removing unwanted hairs in hand, foot, elbow, arm, leg,

Dr.Schmidt Body Hair Removal Double Depilation Waxing Set Machine

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Features: High quality and has a scale display. 220v 60Hz, with led light indicates power. Switch on the left and

Dr.Schmidt Wax heaters for tins with 2 jar

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• Easy to use • Competitive price • Exceptional wax melting capabilities • Extremely competent temperature range • Wax consistency

Dr.Scmidt Trio Kit Wax Warmer Hand Piece – 100ml

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• Hand warmers Wax Trio Without Wire With Sa Base For Recharge 100 Ml (Roll – On) wax To Plucking

Dr.Schmidt Wax Machine Mini Bowl

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Features: Suitable for personal, home and beauty use the inner pot with handle can be removed, convenient for everyday use

Braun Silkepil Leg Body Face, SE9961

Wet and dry epilator removes more hair in one stroke Epilation removes hair 4x shorter than wax Deep massage pad

Braun Silk-épil Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator + (5 Extras), SE5-541

Electric Epilator Braun Purple Germany Cordless Wet & Dry use Power Consumption: 7W Micro-grip Technology – Efficiently removes hair by

Panasonic IPL Hair Removal, Systemstress, Free 2 In 1 Cordless, 5 Settings, Universal Voltage, ESWH90P722

Intense pulsed light IPL. Face attachment. 100.000 flashes. Charge: 3 Hrs, Use: 600 flashes (Whole Body). 5.4 cm flash window.

Westinghouse Electric Hair Shaver Razor Rechargeable Water Resistant – WH1127

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Westinghouse Electric Hair Shaver Razor Rechargeable Water Resistant – WH1127 • A Smooth, Comfortable, Gentle Electric Hair Shaver to use